Before I had tumblr I had no idea there were any sexualities other than heterosexual and homosexual. I never considered gender inequalities still existed.

That doesn’t mean I was purposely trying to discriminate or upset people.

There is a difference between being just ignorant of something and purposefully discriminating.

Give someone a chance to learn and be enlightened before you slam them as rude, horrible people

god bless

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driver roll up the partition please
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The Devil is real. And he’s not a little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful. ‘Cause he’s a fallen angel, and he used to be God’s favorite.

American Horror Story, Season 1

(Probably my favorite quote from the entire series.)

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Socks, the white house cat

Tigre Dourado. (rare) | by “Mikela Doersam”
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"I read today that your pupils dilate
when you see someone you love.
I’d always thought it was just my mind
playing tricks on me, but now I know it’s true: 
Somehow, the world is a brighter place
when I’m around you.”

a poem about how my eyes are always trying to swallow you whole

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My older cat got sick of my kitten trying to play with him so he pinned him down and licked him until he fell asleep
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The rarest of the rare: a men’s magazine advocating hairy armpits on women.

"Repulsed? Get a grip." fucking yes

This is pretty great, tbh.
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seeing myself as beautiful, giving up the notion of guilty pleasures, and learning to cut off toxic people are the best decisions i have ever made 

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